What Are The Different Types Of IVF Services?

Women who can’t bear a child naturally can have hong kong ivf services. Conventional IVF is the most common treatment.

Types of IVF services

IVF becomes the solution for women who can’t normally bear a child.

Conventional IVF

Do you wonder how IVF works? The treatment is about the growth of multiple egg follicles. The egg follicles are retrieved surgically and it is fertilized with sperm. The fertilization takes place in a controlled laboratory setting.

The embryos are transferred to the uterus of the patient. Conventional IVF is good for those who can’t get pregnant.

Conventional IVF treatments are the best choice for:

  • Badly damaged Fallopian tubes
  • Unexplained fertility
  • Women who suffered from pregnancy loss
  • LGBTQ couples using donor eggs

Mini IVF

Minimal stimulation IVF offers a more holistic approach. Mini IVF uses minimal oral medication and injections. The ovaries are gently stimulated. The process is producing healthy eggs during the cycle.

The process helps produce healthy high-quality eggs in a single cycle. Mini IVF aimed to be less painful than the conventional treatment. Mini IVF is ideal for women with low ovarian reserve Fallopian tubes.

Mini IVF is the best treatment for:

  • Women who don’t respond well to conventional IVF
  • Women with low ovarian reserve
  • Women who prefer a more natural approach
  • Women over 35 years old

Natural IVF

The natural cycle of IVF is about the multiple eggs and embryos. They don’t need to be equal to get a higher chance of pregnancy. Natural IVF involves harvesting high-quality naturally produced eggs by the patient. The egg is transferred to the uterus for implantation.

The natural IVF treatment consists of:

  • Natural egg production is monitored through regular ultrasounds and blood tests.
  • When the egg reaches the mature stage, ovulation is induced.
  • Egg retrieval through outpatient surgery
  • Embryo development and egg fertilization

Fertility procedures

There are multiple infertility treatments. It depends on the patient’s needs.

  • Needle-free IVF. It is a painless alternative.
  • Ovarian rejuvenation therapy. It is a simple producer to restore ovarian function.
  • In Vitro maturation. It is the process of retrieving immature oocytes.
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection. It is a method to stun a sperm. The tail is removed and it will be injected into the egg.
  • Egg freezing. It is known as fertility preservation. The woman’s eggs are harvested and preserved.

Is IVF painful?

Pain is rarely experienced during IVF injections. The needle insertion has a slight stinging sensation but tolerable. Is embryo transfer painful? Women commonly experience cramps during the embryo transfer.

Each patient has different responses to the IVF process. Discomfort occurs due to some parts of the process like injections. But, the pain is expected.

Many people who do IVF treatment face depression. It is the biggest problem in IVF. The situation is avoided when you know which IVF is best for you. Infertility struggles and it leaves people feeling disappointed.

You can talk with the health & medical provider about how you are feeling. So, they offer support throughout the process. IVF is the solution to long-time couples wishing to have a child.