Locking Finger Surgery Package

Your life might be challenging if you have a trigger finger. It occurs when the tendons in your finger swell and become stiff. A bent finger might become trapped, resulting in pain and irritation. Fortunately, a treatment known as the Locking Finger Surgery Package (แพค เก จ ผ่าตัด นิ้ว ล็อค, which is the term in Thai) exists.

Knowing The Trigger Finger

Let’s first define the trigger finger before discussing the Surgery Package for Locking Finger in greater detail. Using tools or participating in certain activities can create repeated hand motions, which is generally what causes it. It may also be connected to diseases like diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis. Pain, edema, and your finger getting stuck or clicking as you try to move it are all symptoms of a trigger finger.

What’s In The Locking Finger Surgery Package?

The KDMS Orthopedic Specialist Hospital offers a particular procedure called the Surgery Package for Locking Finger. It’s for those who desire to eliminate the agony associated with trigger fingers.

What You Receive

  • Expert Physicians: The competent doctors specializing in hand, wrist, and arm procedures make up the bulk of this package. They are skilled professionals who will look after you well.
  • Personalized Examination: A doctor will examine your finger to ensure you are a good candidate for this operation. Only those who truly require surgery will do so in this manner.
  • Pain Reduction: You won’t have discomfort after the procedure because it corrects the issue with your finger. Additionally, it improves the function of your finger, especially if it’s trapped or hurts the base.
  • Affordable Price: The people living in Thailand can get this deal for just 17000 baht.

The Path To Freedom

Trigger fingers can make everyday things hard, like typing or holding things. However, the Locking Finger Package might assist you in regaining your independence and a pain-free life.

How To Find More Details?

Here is how to get in touch with us if you or someone you know is interested in learning more about the Surgery Package for Locking Finger:

  • Go to the KDMS Orthopedic Specialist Hospital’s information desk on the first floor. They can answer your queries from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily.
  • If you’d like to speak with someone on the phone, dial 02 080 8999.
  • You may also reach them online under the login @kdmshospital for simple contact.


The Locking Finger Surgery Package offers the option to end the discomfort and issues associated with the trigger finger. This package is your passport to a healthier, pain-free life since it includes experienced physicians, individualized checks, a reasonable price, and a time-sensitive offer. Take the first step toward a better future right now; don’t let your trigger finger keep you back.