Lip Augmentation: Everything You Need To Know

One of the essential components of a beautiful face is the beautiful and proportionate lips. Our face looks attractive; our upper lip is slightly thinner than the lower lip. Sometimes birth or for another reason, the shape of our lips is not in proportion. It results in an unmatched shape, and we lose confidence. All thanks to the surgical sector. They have introduced lip augmentation surgery. It helps in improving your facial appearance. Let us know what it is and how many types of lip shapes are there in lip augmentation? (ปากกระจับมีกี่ทรง, which is the term in Thai)

What Is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure specialized to recreate your lips. It enhances the shape, size, and volume of the lips. It is the most popular treatment for improving your overall facial appearance. Lip augmentation surgery can be performed using various techniques and materials. The doctor will first understand your needs and then perform the type of lip augmentation suitable to it.

Before you go for lip augmentation surgery, ensure you know everything about it and consult an experienced doctor.

Different Types Of Lip Shapes In Lip Augmentation.

One common question asked about the surgery is how many types of lip shapes are there in lip augmentation? The answer is as follows.

· Thin Lips

These tips are for those who want their lip shape to be proportionate. The doctor or the surgeon will only alter the dimension of the upper lip to make it thinner than the lower lip. The doctor will only ensure that the new lip dimension suits your face.

· Korean Chestnut Shaped Lips

If you want to have a sweet face like Korean people, you can go for Korean Chestnut shaped lips during the lip augmentation. After having these tips, you will experience that your middle upper lip is rounded and the edge of your lips is not stiff.

· Angel Wing Chestnut Mouth

It is the same as a chestnut, and the only difference is the doctor will make the end of your Chestnut a little acute. You will get sharp and sweet lips after this lip augmentation.

·  Men’s Chestnut Shaped Mouth

Men will get clear and healthy lips after this surgery. Perfect wavy m-shaped lips a man wants.

To get the best results out of this lip augmentation, follow all the doctor’s instructions. If you have any discomfort after yhe surgery, consult the doctor immediately.